In this post I’m going to show you how to drive more traffic to your website. I used this strategy to increase the traffic by 115%



In a recent industry study by Buzzsumo, found that infographics generate significantly more shares than blog posts or videos.

 As you move on, you will see that the single infographic turning out dozens of backlinks. Design of infographic is important but if your Topic & Content miss the mark, Your entire infographic will fail.




Once you are done with creating an Infographic, it’s time to move on the next Step.


increase traffic

Most people publish a piece of content and cross their fingers & hope it goes viral. But SEO Professional knows that Content promotion is Huge, So the professionals focusses on BLOGGER OUTREACH

The first step of any blogger outreach is to find people those have already written about your topic. ” Now you will say” HOW? 

It’s simple! 

Search for keywords around your infographics in google.

You can also search for Popular blogs for your keyword. For this search: “Best ways to lose weight” or “Top 10 marketing Tips”

 Once you find the sites that covers your infographics, its time to approach the admins or the bloggers to check your link and consider it posting in their blog posts.

This might be tricky, But I can help you with a tried and tested mail script which worked well for me.


So, Why this script works so well is because you are not forcing someone with your infographics on their face, instead you are respectfully asking the blogger if they would like to checkout your content.

And If someone comes back with a positive revert ” SURE, send it over.

THUMBS UP! Its time for the next Step.

guest post sample

Where most people pitch the content, they get on their knees and beg the blogger for a link post. This Approach rarely works. So, WHAT WORKS? – ADDING VALUE

Infact adding value is what makes it so different & effective than any other link building techniques. Here is an Example




Google puts more weigh on backlinks that are surrounded by unique content.So make sure when you send link, it must be embedded between the paragraphs. 


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