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Imagine if your site shows up on top of google searches for a particular keyword.


What if there are 7 Actionable steps & each step could take your site up on google search.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I am going to share with you in this Post :-

7 Insanely Practical techniques that can be used to rank up on Google.

STEP-1 : CTR -Optimize the Post Title

If you are not optimizing your site for CTR, you are missing out on a lot of organic traffic. Google searchers are impatient, they want an answer to the question or help with their problem immediately. So it’s important that your advice works quickly.

Use these words in your Title tags , we have analysed many pages that ranked on 1st page of google and found that top ranking pages tend to use these words in their title tagKeywords for title tag SEO

Google ranks website that gets high click through rate (CTR). As per the study, certain terms tends to attract lots of clicks from google search engine. Some other terms which could be used to optimize the CTR.


STEP- 2 :  Make your content more Actionable.

Google uses Rank Brain in search engine algorithm. It measures how user interacts with your site. If you get more clicks on the URL, google ranks it up,

If not,  it will drop your rankings like a stone. All google searcher’s are looking for the tactics they can use to solve the problem right away.

STEP- 3: Use the OBP formula

Before jumping to the formula, you must know the importance of Bounce rate. It’s the % of users visiting your site and then quickly jumps back to the search results or any other site.

It is clearly observed that the sites with lower bounce rate tends to rank higher. Obviously if lots of readers bouncing from your site gives a clear message to Google that people don’t like your content.

The Outcome, Benefit, Preview (OBP) Formula is the simplest & organic way to improve the bounce rate. It’s a content introduction formula specifically designed to reduce your bounce rate.


OBP formula SEO Technique

First you must mention the Outcome of the post as an introductory content.

Next to mention the Benefits someone will get reading your content.

Finally it’s time for a Preview – this is a simple where you pre-view of what your content has stored for them.


OBP formula

STEP- 4: Use External Links

A UK based SEO agency experiments to see if linking to other website help to improve google ranking and found that pages having external links consistently outranks pages that did’nt link out.

STEP- 5: Use Internal Links

It’s time to create internal links that points to the page that you wants to rank. Insert the closely related pages in your post. These internal links will send the link authority to your post/page which could help in google ranking.

STEP- 6: Add Images, Visuals & other Multimedia

According to lots of industry research – It is always observed that the content with images, multimedia, infographics tends to engage readers and makes your post more attractive.

However, it is not adviced to include so many images or multimedia.

STEP- 7: Optimize you content for Semantic SEO

You should always use the target keywords few times in the content.

Semantic SEO simply means that google now tries to understand the topic of your page, not just the individual keywords.

Add related keywords, phrases in your content, you can use related searches or google suggest in order to find related phrases.

Google Suggest 

Google suggest

Google Related keywords

Google related keywords